HP One Step Polish & Wax 400 1L



Autosol High Performance One Step Polish & Wax 3 in 1 is a high gloss polish containing fine abrasives to remove light sanding marks from P3000 sandpaper, light oxidation, scratches, insect and tar residues.


Autosol High Performance One Step Polish & Wax 3 in 1 achieves a high gloss finish and seals the surface in one easy step. Specially designed for fast, efficient, professional paint treatment of all paint surfaces including re-flow and scratch resistant clear coats. Also suitable to use after Autosol Power Cut to remove polishing marks and holograms, and to achieve a high gloss finish. Developed for both rota and orbital polishing machines, but also suitable for hand application.

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How to use Autosol One step polish & wax:

  1. Using a polishing machine is recommended, although it can be applied by hand.
  2. Evenly apply the product onto a fresh polishing pad
  3. Start the machine at low speed and with light pressure.
  4. Treat small areas until the paint defects are removed.
  5. Re-apply product when moving to new areas.
  6. Remove polishing residues with a microfibre cloth.

TIP: Do not use finish cleaners or alcohol to clean the surface, this would remove the sealing effect.


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