Hard Wax 500ml



Autosol Hard Wax is a protective coating to seal new or old paint surfaces from environmental conditions.


Autosol Hard Wax is a weather resistant wax used to seal painted surfaces. Contains selected waxes, silicone and polymers for long lasting protection. Is ideal for all types of paint. When polishing with a microfibre cloth, it produces a deep shine and brilliant colour.


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How to use Autosol Car Wax:

  1. Wash the surface with Autosol Car Shampoo and dry with a microfibre cloth
  2. Work in sections, sparingly apply Autosol Hard Wax with a microfibre cloth in circular motion
  3. Use a dry microfibre cloth to polish and shine the surface
  4. Rub dry with a chamois

TIP: Do not apply on hot surfaces. Shake well before use.