Quick Gloss 500ml




Autosol Quick Gloss is the easiest way to give a perfect finish and long lasting protection to your paint.


Autosol Quick Gloss has specially selected polymers that give painted and plastic surface a rich, deep colour and shine. Designed for outdoor use, Autosol Quick Gloss not only gives a silky feel but with an anti-static effect also cares for the surface plus protects for adverse weather conditions. Once used, it would be easier-next-time cleaning.

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How to use Autosol Quick Gloss:

  1. Shake bottle before use
  2. Spray Autosol Quick Gloss sparingly onto the cleaned surface, and spread with a microfibre cloth
  3. Polish in one step to a brilliant high gloss with a clean dry cloth

TIP: Do not let the product dry. Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight