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Autosol High Performance Power Cut 141 is a fast cutting polishing compound designed to remove heavy swirl marks and sanding scratches of paintwork in preparation.


Autosol High Performance Power Cut 141 quickly eliminates overspray and leaves superior high gloss on used clear coatings. Suitable for all paint works, including hard an scratch resistant clear coats (e.g. cerami-coat), works om fresh or cured automotive paint surfaces. Use for sanding scratches 1200-2000. Silicone free, no filler. 

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How to use Autosol Polishing compound:

  1. A polishing machine is required to apply this product.
  2. This product has to be used with a lambswool or white compounding foam.
  3. Apply a small amount of polish to the panel/vehicle, place machine and pad onto surface.
  4. Move pad over surface to spread product and start up rotary polisher (1200-1400 RPM) with light to medium pressure.
  5. Work a small area at a time until the sanding scratches are removed.
  6. Remove residue with a soft microfibre cloth.
  7. Re-apply product when moving to a new area.

TIP: Re-apply product in scratches are not removed at first.

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