Metal Care Kit




Autosol Metal Care Kit is a complete metal rejuvenation kit. It includes all necessary contents to bring back heavily corroded and stained metal to brand new mirror shine.


Autosol Metal Care Kit provides a solution to all your metal care needs. If the surface is heavily corroded or stained, the new Autosol Metal Life Saver will restore the surface to a brand new untarnished finish, yet slightly dull. If the surface just requires a quick polish to bring the surface back to mirror-shine Autosol Metal Polish Liquid will do that easily. The combination of the two products together means that there is no metal problem that cannot be fixed. The kit also includes a polishing cloth for the MPL, a scourer/sponge applicator for the MLS and some gloves to keep your hands clean! The kit is ideal for all applications on heavily corroded or stained stainless steel, chrome, brass, copper and more.



How to use Autosol Metal Care Kit:

1. The Autosol Metal Care Kit has everything you need to take care of your metal. Apply Autosol Metal Life Saver over the stained, corroded or rusty surface, and let it work for 10 seconds.

2. Clean the surface with water and dry with a microfibre cloth.

3. Use Autosol Metal Polish to protect the metal and give a shiny finish. The protect will be protected for weeks.

TIP: If the surface is exposed to extreme weather, re-apply Autosol Metal Polish every 2-3 weeks.










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