Car Shampoo 500ml



Autosol Car Shampoo is a strong but gentle cleaner with a fresh smell.


Autosol Car Shampoo is suitable for all paints, painted/unpainted plastics, glass panes, rubber seals and metallic components (e.g. decorative chrome strips). Also suitable for plastic headlights made of poly-carbonate and for tail lights made of PMMA or perspex. Protective layers such as wax and sealing agents are not effected by Autosol Car Shampoo.

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How to use Autosol Car Cleaner:

  1. Rinse off heavy grime with clean water
  2. Froth approx 60ml of shampoo with 10lts of water and wash car as usual
  3. Rinse car with clean water
  4. Rub dry with a chamois

TIP: Do not apply on hot surfaces. Do not allow product to dry.


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