Scratch Remover 75ml




Autosol Scratch Remover is made in Germany, to substantially reduce fine scratches and swirls from all painted surfaces. The paste tube has a 10x concentrated power, in comparison to liquid equivalents.


Autosol Scratch Remover is a gentle and effective cleaner that restores the optical clarity of worn and scratched painted and synthetic-glass surfaces, including convertible rear windows, plastic lenses, instrument panels, motorcycle helmet visors and windshields. It removes hazing and yellowing, while also filling in fine scratches to ensure uninhibited visibility whilst leaving a clear, long-lasting, protective film to protect against future scratches, weather damage and UV rays.



How to remove scratches ?

1. to remove scratches, first dry the surface to be polished and apply sparingly with a cloth

2. Wipe off the residue with a soft cloth

3. Repeat this process every two-three months to guarantee protection

TIP: Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.

Scratch Remover


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