HP Wheel Cleaner 500ml



Autosol High Performance Wheel Cleaner easily removes even stubborn dirt such as burned-in brake dust, residues from rubber and tar plus other street dirt.


Autosol High Performance Wheel Cleaner is safe to use on all steel and light metal alloy wheel rims and hubcaps. It also creates a nonstick effect making future cleaning easier. It is acid-free and does not attack either the surface of the wheel rim nor the wheel bolts. It’s colour changing action allows use to see the process where the dirt is getting removed.

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How to use Autosol Wheel Cleaner:

  1. Spray Autosol Wheel Cleaner 15-20 cm from the surface
  2. Allow 3-5 minutes for cleaner to activate
  3. As cleaner activates, the colour will change from yellow-green to dark red
  4. Remove residue with a high pressure washer or hose

TIP: To assist with the removal of stubborn dirt, use a wheel brush


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