Bike Cleaner 500ml




Autosol Bike Cleaner is a water based, solvent free cleaner that safely and effectively removes insects, brake dust, oils, road grime and residues from all parts of the bike.


Autosol Bike Cleaner is ideal for wheels, engines, paintwork, plastic, rubber, polished metal and alloy parts. Removes road grime, dirt, salt residue, brake dust, grease, oil and insects, safely and quickly. Is a water-based heavy-duty cleaner, that only requires to spray on, and clean with sponge or brush with water. It is biodegradable.



How to use Autosol Bike cleaner:

Autosol bike cleaner is a must have for anyone passionate about bikes:

1. Wash heavily soiled parts and rinse off with water

2. Spray Autosol Bike Cleaner starting from the top of the bike.

3. Allow the product to take effect for approximately 1 minute.

4. Rinse off with a strong water jet

TIP: Autosol Brake Dust Brush can help clean heavily soiled areas

Bike Cleaner

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