Metal Life Saver 1L




Autosol Metal Life Saver is a powerful heavy corrosion and stain remover that is quick and easy to use, as simple as a wipe-on rub off application. Quickly removes rust, tarnishing, discolouration, oxidation and even bluing!


Autosol Metal Life Saver is an industrial strength corrosion and stain remover. Modelled off a pickling agent, it has been modified to be people friendly whilst still amazingly effective. The 1L bottle is ideal for larger applications on all heavily corroded or stained stainless steel, chrome, brass, copper and more. MLS will bring the corroded surface back to a brand new finish but slightly dull and unprotected. We recommend that you follow up with Autosol Metal Polish in either liquid or paste form to give the mirror-shine and leave a protective coating. Autosol Metal Life Saver is made in Germany.


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How to use Metal Life saver / restorer:

1. Apply Autosol Metal Life Saver over the stained, corroded or rusty surface, and let it work for 10 seconds.

2. Clean the surface with water and dry with a microfibre cloth.

3. Use Autosol Metal Polish to protect the metal and give a shiny finish. The protect will be protected for weeks.

TIP: If the surface is exposed to extreme weather, re-apply Autosol Metal Polish every 2-3 weeks.








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