Multi-Purpose Metal Cleaner 500ml




Autosol Multi-Purpose Metal Cleaner is made in Germany, to instantly clean all types of metals. Being a food-safe product makes this spray & wipe ideal for use in kitchen and commercial applications. leaves a protective coating on top of the surface to protect from further stains and contaminants.


Autosol Multi-purpose Metal Cleaner is a powerful cleaner that effortlessly removes dirt, grease, and food stain residues. Suitable for ALL metal types, coated, uncoated, brushed, mirro shine and even plastic chrome. It is NSF approved, safe to use around food areas and microplastics FREE. it’s easy application, makes it a great companion for workshops and around the home maintenance and cleaning. Works best with a soft cloth or rug, and if needed use an applicator, such as scourer sponge. Is neutral in colour and odour and still very powerful and safe. Suitable for use on cars, bikes, boats, trucks, tools, workbecnhes, commercial cleaning and machinery. Very easy to use, sparay evenly onto the surface to be cleaned, rub in firmly with a cloth or sponge, allow a minute or two to take effect, thoroughly wipe off with a clean dry cloth, if necessary, apply Autosol Metal Polish to polish and protect the surface. it is suitable for all metals, such as aluminium, alloy, copper, pewter, gold, silver, brass, chrome, stainless steel, enameled metal surfaces, and other water-resistant surfaces such as glass, ceramic, granite, marble and plastic. In other words, the only cleaner you’ll ever need, thanks to Autosol.



How to use Autosol Multi-Purpose Metal Cleaner:

1. Suitable for ALL Metals. Spray on  Autosol Multi-Purpose Metal Cleaner to the surface to be treated.

2. Wipe off the product with a Microfibre cloth.

3. Buff to a high lustre finish.

TIP: For lasting shine and protection regular application is recommended.








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