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HOW TO Polish a Truck

So, let’s start by understanding the different surfaces you’ll find on a truck:

  • Metals such as stainless steel, chrome, alloy, aluminium, chrome plated plastic, we have products for all these metals so don’t worry.
  • Paint, for which you’ll need a paint polish.
  • Plastic, acrylic and rubber.
  • Leather, vinyl and other fabrics.
  • Headlights and glass.

Every different surface will have an appropriate product to use:

  • Metals: You can use our basic Autosol Metal Polish which applies to all metals (except for chrome plated plastic, don’t used on this surface), but is more abrasive than others, and sometimes too abrasive for aluminium. When it comes to Aluminium, you might want to use Autosol Aluminium Polish . When you find chrome plated plastic or synthetic chrome (its very common on new trucks, on windows frames or chrome looking details around the truck) DO NOT polish with a regular polisher cause you’ll probably remove all the coating. The best and only product in the market for this surface is Autosol Chrome-Plated Plastic Polish
  • Paint: It will all depend on how far you want to go. For a full truck detailing process (to remove swirl marks, paint correction and other anomalies on paintwork), then you will need one, two or even three different products, plus a a buffing machine and a buffing pad. Check our range of High Performance Detailing Products where you will be able to decide which products to use. If you are low on time, your truck is looking better than you thought or is fairly new, then you might only wanna go with Autosol Car Polish or Autosol Hard Wax¬†
  • For plastic based surfaces: Autosol Acrylic Polish will cover almost all surfaces, but not rubber. Rubber is tricky, cause it loses the shine as you hit the road, so we suggest cleaning it with water and detergent. Or, get a tyre shine if you are fuzzy about it.
  • Fabrics: When it comes to cleaning the interior of your truck, you might wanna go a step further hey, guess who is sitting there all day? haha. Try our Leather Protection & Care Kit for all leather and vinyl surfaces, to polish, clean and restore. If you are after a multi-purpose interior cleaner for all surfaces then use Autosol Multi-purpose Interior Cleaner¬†
  • Headlight and glass: Glass is very easy to clean, you can either use a Glass Cleaner (similar to what you use at home) or just water and detergent or any soap/shampoo you clean the truck with. For headlights, we recommend using Autosol Headlight Polish & Protection Kit it covers all the areas, cleaning, polishing and protecting. Mind due, sometimes headlights look dull, and it turns to be humidity on the inside.


Now that you have all the products you need, its time to get things rolling:

1- The very first step is to get the truck clean, washed, using a Shampoo and let dry or dry with a soft cloth
2- Start with the painted areas, apply the Polish and work in areas without letting it dry. You’ll need a cloth or something to polish with. No need for buffing machine and pad unless you’re going for a full detailing job.
3- Work on the Headlights, one at a time and follow the process on our headlight cleaning kit. Is very easy, you’ll find a cleaner and a polisher, the cleaner is applied first and the polish helps protect form further deterioration and gives the desired shine.
4- Is now time for metals. You can do it by hand, it will take time but is soooo rewarding. Otherwise, use a buffing machine with a soft to mild buffing pad (lambs wool is ideal)
5- Last step is the interior. Whether is leather or other fabrics, its important to go through the right process and don’t apply a product that could damage the surface. Our leather and vinyl kit will have usage instructions depending on the surface to polish.

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