Anodised Aluminium Polish 75ml




Autosol Anodised Aluminium Polish is made in Germany, as a specially formulated polish containing ultra-fine polishing substances to achieve optimal cleaning results on all anodised aluminium without harming the anodised coating.


Autosol Anodised Aluminium Polish is a polish design specifically for all anodised aluminium coated surfaces. Anodised Aluminium Polish uses fine polishing particles to produce the best cleaning result on all anodised aluminium surfaces without harming the anodised coating. The 10x concentrate formula in a 75ml tube makes it ideal for use on window and door frames.



How to use Autosol Anodised Aluminium polish:

1. First, apply a small amount of Autosol Anodised Aluminium Polish to your uncoated aluminium or alloy surface.

2. Second, with a soft micro-fibre cloth polish by doing small circular motions until almost no black residue remains.

3. Finally, buff off with a clean cloth and therefore achieve a high lustre finish.


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