M1 Cleansing Polish 75ml




Autosol M1 Cleansing Polish is made in Germany, specifically for the cleaning and polishing of chrome-plated plastics and synthetic chrome. The paste tube has a 10x concentrated power, in comparison to liquid equivalents.


Autosol M1 Cleansing Polish is a specially formulated polish that contains the finest of polishing abrasives to achieve optimal results on all types of chrome-plated plastics and synthetic chrome’s. The 10x concentrated paste is used by NASA and has been developed in cooperation with leading electroplated plastic companies BIA Kunststoff and Galvanotechnik GmbH. M1 Cleansing Polish cleans and protects surfaces in a single application.



How to clean chrome plated plastic:

1. Apply Autosol M1 Cleansing Polish onto the surface to be cleaned.

2. Polish with a soft cloth in small circular motions.

3. Buff with a clean soft cloth to achieve a high lustre finish.

TIP: Ideal for chrome-plated surfaces.









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