Brake Cleaner 500ml



Autosol Brake Cleaner is ideal for thoroughly cleaning gearbox parts, clutch components, brakes and carburettors. Autosol Brake Cleaner is material friendly and safely dissolves oils, silicones and fuel residue from metal, glass or ceramic parts.


Autosol Brake Cleaner effectively removes grease, dirt, brake fluid and brake dust. Dismantling brake is not necessary. Suitable for all parts of a modern braking system. Spray on – wipe off aerosol application. Maximises brake performance and prevents brake squeal due to debris.

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How to use Autosol Brake cleaner:

This brake cleaner also works as a chain cleaner.

1. Spray away dirt from affected parts to be clean

2. Allow product to run off or wipe off excess with a soft clean cloth

3. For extremely contaminated parts, use a brush or cloth to clean excessively dirty parts

TIP: Do not spray on rubber, plastic or painted parts







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