Boat Combi Polish 500ml



Autosol Boat Combi Polish restores shine on oxidised and dull surfaces. Removes fine scratches and leaves a weather resistant polymer wax protective layer after application.


Autosol Boat Combi Polish has dual action; 1) Mild cleaning / Polishing action, 2) Leaves a protective waxy surface barrier. It can be used over hulls and decks to polish and protect from water friction, dirt and environmental exposure. It is ideal for new boats and those with the surface gel coat still in reasonably good condition.

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How to use Autosol Boat Polish:

1. Start by washing and drying surface

2. Then apply product evenly in sections with a polishing cloth to the painted surface in powerful circular motions

3. Let product sit until a haze begins to appear

4. Buff to a brilliant shine

TIP: For best results do not use in direct sunlight or on hot paintwork

Boat Combi Polish








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