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HOW TO Polish Wheels

Is it hard to polish a wheel?

No, it’s not, and at Autosol Fabrik (Solingen, Germany) we have developed the best products in the market for polishing wheels. It requires: the right products, some elbow grease or machine buffing and time. Once the wheels are polished, regular cleaning would maintain them protected for years.

So, we are going to explain how to polish aluminium / alloy and stainless steel wheels:

  • Alloy / Aluminium: These are the most common types of wheels, they could come painted
  • Stainless Steel:


Once you understood how an exhaust pipes corrodes, you can then decide what type of polishing process you’d like to do:

  • For Tea Staining: The best product to remove tea staining on metals is Autosol Metal Life Saver  this will get rid of the tea staining, but will leave the surface dull and unprotected. You will need a polisher to shine and protect the exhaust, you can either use Autosol Metal Polish or Autosol Metal Polish Liquid.
  • For Bluing: One of our most popular Motorbike care products is Autosol Bluing Remover which will work a treat on your exhaust pipe. It will also leave the surface dull and unprotected, so you’ll need to apply a polisher as well, it could be either Autosol Metal Polish or Autosol Metal Polish Liquid. Also, you can apply Autosol Motorbike Polish & Wax.
  • For Corrosion and Rust: This is where things get complicated because the metal has been neglected for a while. But don’t worry, we can easily turn things around. If you have a buffing machine, it will come handy, otherwise you can do it by hand but might need some elbow grease. Use Autosol Metal Life Saver to get rid of any surface rust or corrosion, rinse off and then apply a polisher, it could be either Autosol Metal Polish or Autosol Metal Polish Liquid. Also, you can apply Autosol Motorbike Polish & Wax.
  • Full bike cleaning / detailing: If you want to go that extra mile with your bike cleaning, then it might be good for you to get one of our bike cleaning packs, everything you need to clean, shine and protect your bike is within this packs, Motorbike Expert Pack and Motorbike Starter Pack.


NOW, it’s time to get this rolling:

1- Clean, wash, get all dirt off the exhaust pipe. How? use Autosol Bike Cleaner  or Autosol Fast Clean and Polish
2- Apply either Autosol Metal Life Saver or Autosol Bluing Remover and let it work for a minute or so. 
3- Rinse off or clean with a wet cloth.
4- Apply the polisher, it could be either Autosol Metal PolishAutosol Metal Polish Liquid or Autosol Motorbike Polish & Wax.
5- Polish in circular motions with a soft cloth to achieve the desired shine.
6- You can repeat all of the above as many times as necessary.
7- Once you have polished the exhaust pipe, regular maintenance will keep the surface in perfect conditions.

If you have any queries, let us know, we are happy to assist you. 02 9905 8400 or info@autosol.com.au

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