Os responded to our call for pictures of Autosol at work. Although he didn't have a car or a bike to share with us, he sent us his next best thing!

Well, these aren't cars or bikes but they are high carbon, high rockwell hardness, steel razor blades that were all final polished with your Metal Polish. Not including before pics as all the before work is done with abrasives. First pic is a French made razor, carbon steel & very hard,at a guess 62HRC. Black razor is Swedish steel & 3rd pic is a Sheffield steel razor approx 200 years old. Os

We sent out some free tubes of Autosol Metal Polish, and invited users to write back with their experiences. Gary responded

Hi Paul, I welcomed back your tube of 'Autosol' like a long lost relative today, when your free tube dropped through my letterbox. No sooner was your package unwrapped, the lid was popped, & I set it to work. Was I to be disappointed with the results. . . I think not.

Shirlee responded to our call for "bling" photos

Thanks Paul, This is a lamp made circa 1890 and was cleaned using my favourite product Autosol. I use it for my pewter and silver too. I was looking for your web site, to see if the product was available in the US, for a man who restores oil lamps. Brasso is NOT recommended, I won't go into reasons for it. . . anyhow, it's not a patch on Autosol. Attached is a photo of an old key I have had for years and just decided to clean it!!! Half cleaned anyway. Did it last night. I should get commission!!!!!! I am forever recommending it. Shirlee

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