Polished & Pretty

We sent out some free tubes of Autosol Metal Polish, and invited users to write back with their experiences. Gary responded

Hi Paul,
I welcomed back your tube of ‘Autosol’ like a long lost relative today, when your free tube dropped through my letterbox.
No sooner was your package unwrapped, the lid was popped, & I set it to work.
Was I to be disappointed with the results. . . I think not.

Once again you’ve done it again. . . 3 cheers for Autosol (& as usual, without a great deal of effort).
As promised, you kept your end of the bargain (with the free tube), & here’s mine. . . the photo’s.
Best to wear a babies bib when viewing the pics, as you’ll probably salivate quite a bit.
Great results of which I had absolutely no doubt.
Thanks again for the freebie & a joy to send you the pictures.
Best Regards,