Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing to Thank you and your organisation for your recent support of our Old's Cool Car Cruise held 25th March 2012. The day was a great success for our club and without the donations of prizes for the raffle and top 3point scorers on the day and the items for our goodies bags the event would not be as well received by our entrants. Although the event is primarily our major fund raiser for our club we do hope that from the event you too will be able to get some clients from our promotion of your company through this event. From an event that struggled in the first couple of years to get a dozen cars with perseverance has become an event that people now look forward to attending each year and continues to grow in leaps and bounds through the continued support from business like yours. I have attached a few pictures of the day for your interest.

Lynne sent in this shot of her husband Neville's Toyota Corona - still looking great after all these years!

Hi, My husband Neville uses the AUTOSOL Metal Polish Liquid 250ml product all the time on our 1976 RT104 Toyota Corona and he has been showing this vehicle since August 2009 and winning some trophies along the way. What I was wondering is if you would like to sponsor/supply Nev with AUTOSOL in exchange for FREE advertising being word of mouth, business cards on display and your name on his description board. As Neville is a pensioner on a disability support pension due to a work injury, this would help him out tremendously, and, in return, we would obviously promote AUTOSOL at all of the Car meets we attend. With AUTOSOL's name around our shiny 1976 RT104 Toyota Corona, we feel that this would promote and generate business for your Company. I will leave this for your consideration.

Autosol has been a long-time supporter of Summernats, and Peter and Debbie sent us these pics to show off the brilliant finish that Autosol gave to their injector hat. Vroom! Paul, A couple of pictures from Summernats for you finally.. Apologies for it taking a while as we were still getting the car prepared while we were at Summernats we simply ran out of time …but all came together on the weekend with the Monaro placing 2nd and the Camaro placing 3rd as a great result for long hours in the garage and extensive help from our sponsors being there for us. . . P.S. The car received plenty of camera action all weekend. Many thanks Peter & Debbie

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