HP Speed Gloss 230 1L

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Autosol High Performance Speed Gloss 230 is a high gloss medium polish to remove medium marks, defects, light oxidation and scratches.


It is suitable for all paints, including hard and scratch resistant clear coats (e.g. ceramic-coat). It works on fresh or cured automotive paint surfaces. It can be used after Power Cut 141 to remove compound marks, and to ensure a high gloss. For dark colours, use the hologram-removing Final Finish 320 product in the last step. Silicone-free and no fillers!

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How to use Autosol Gloss Polish:

  1. A polishing machine is required to use this product.
  2. Choose the correct applicator first. Depending on the paint condition:
    • Solid paint: white compounding foam
    • Scratch resistant or hard aged paint: Lambswool or blue medium foam
  3. Apply a small amount of polish to the vehicle, place machine and pad onto surface.
  4. Move pad over surface to spread product and start up rotary polisher (1500-2000 RPM) with light to medium pressure.
  5. Work a small area at time until the sanding scratches are removed or high gloss achieved.
  6. Remove residue with a soft microfibre cloth.
  7. Re-apply product when moving to a new area.

TIP: This product is a one step solution, no need to use an extra product

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