Boat Rubbing Cleaner 500ml

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Autosol Boat Rubbing Cleaner is a silicone free cleaner with a gentle cleaning action for polishing paint surfaces.


Autosol Boat Rubbing Cleaner offers a deep cleaning action for painted, fibreglass and plexiglas surfaces. Regardless of age and condition, if you need to clean your boat like a Pro, just try this product first, and then apply Autosol Boat Wax or Autosol Combi Polish. If the process if repeated every 2-3 months, it will protect the surface from dirt and oxidation regardless of exposure to bad weather conditions.

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How to use Autosol Boat Cleaner:

1. Start by washing the boat and let the surface dry

2. Then apply product evenly in sections with a polishing cloth to the painted surface in powerful circular motions until scratches, scores, rust or residual paint spray fogs are eliminated

3. Wash-off treated parts and dry with a soft cloth

4. Use Autosol Combi Polish or Autosol Boat Wax to protect the paintwork

TIP: Don’t use this product in bright sun or on hot paintwork

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