Aluminium Power Cleaner 500ml

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Autosol Aluminium Cleaner is made in Germany, as an industrial strength spray & wipe cleaner for all aluminium surfaces including brushed aluminium. It is classified as food-safe which makes the product ideal for all alloy surfaces in and around the home.


Autosol Power Aluminium Cleaner is a food-safe industrial strength acid-free designed to clean uncoated or polished aluminium and other alloys. It removes old polish residue to prepare the aluminium surface for a fresh application of Autosol Aluminium Polish. The 500ml spray bottle makes using the product as easy as spraying and wiping.


How to use Autosol Aluminium Cleaner:

1. First, spray on ¬†Autosol Aluminium Cleaner to the surface to be treated, it’s a food safe product, so it can be used around the kitchen area.

2. Then, wipe off the product with a Microfibre cloth.

3. Finally, buff to a high lustre finish, using a dry microfibre cloth.

TIP: For lasting shine and protection regular application is recommended







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