Polishing Blues

Ken posted a question about Autosol Metal Polish and the blueing on his exhaust pipes

For polishing chrome plated exhaust pipes, is there any abrasive material or any substance that may scratch or cut through the plating in this product?

I have used it with success on my s.Steel pipes but now I have chrome pipes on my new BMW RT motorcycle. These pipes tend to blue over very quickly.

Please advise, Ken.


Paul wrote back

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your interest in Autosol Metal Polish. Yes, there are abrasives in this product; if there were none, it would not provide the legendary polishing power that the product is renowned for. The key question is “will it scratch or cut through the chrome plating on your exhaust?”.

The answer is NO if you are careful, and POSSIBLY if you are not careful. The product is formulated to clean, polish and protect all hard metal surfaces such as chrome and stainless steel, and does this job better than any other metal care product in the world, in my opinion.

Some after-market chrome has a softer and / or thinner surface than that used on your BM. The risk of scratching or wearing down the surface of these is much higher than what applies to yours and extra care should be applied. Price is usually a good guide to the quality of chrome surfaces.

There is a much higher risk of scratching and excessive abrasion from sand particles imbedded in the polishing cloth or sponge – so be careful in shaking out the cloth prior to use.

The blueing that commonly occurs on chrome exhaust covers can be removed with Autosol Metal Polish. As far as I know, no other metal polish will do this very difficult job.

If we can assist further, please let me know.

Kind regards – Paul