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Polishing Aluminium

Howard has written in with a popular question regarding the polishing care of aluminium wheels

hi I have a ssv redline Holden ute with highly polished aluminium wheels please advice on your best product for this application THANKS


Paul From Autosol wrote back

Hi Howard,

Thanks for your interest in Autosol metal care products. Your wheels are most likely made from aluminium alloy – a soft metal that needs some work in order to achieve a shine. If the wheels are in good condition, shiny with no “rough to the touch” blemishes, then the best product in our range is Autosol Metal Polish # 1824 in 75ml tube form. It will have a mild polishing effect and will not scratch the alloy.

On the other hand, if there is any roughness, and/or only a dull shine, then first use Autosol Metal Polish # 1000, also in a 75ml tube. # 1000 is mildly abrasive so # 1824 is recommended once you achieve the shine you are looking for.

Whilst all auto care stores carry # 1000, Super Cheap Auto is the most reliable stockist of # 1824.

Let me know if we can be of any further assistance.