Metal Care Applications


The traditional users of Autosol are auto enthusiasts – the guys who spend their free time modifying, tuning and polishing their Vintage, Classic or Muscle Cars to perfection. This is where Autosol has gained its reputation for polishing performance and reliability over many years – you’ll find a tube of Autosol Metal Polish in most Australian garages.

Nowadays, following ongoing advances in German research and development, Autosol is able to offer a wide range of polishing products to address the metal care as well as other surface care requirements of the most exacting auto enthusiast, bike owner or truck fleet operator. From obtaining a mirror finish on those chrome exhausts to protecting those original leather seats to maintaining clear vision through your bike’s perspex windshield, Autosol’s got you covered!


Autosol has a number of products that offer high performance in the demanding area of Marine metal care. Not only does Autosol’s basic metal care range offer superior protection for polishing metal surfaces in the marine environment, our range of speciality polishing products dramatically reduce maintenance times for fibreglass boat hulls.

Our marine shine, marine boat wax and marine combi polish get your polishing job done quicker, and give longer-lasting protection for less time in the shed and more time on the water.


Autosol’s high-performance polishing action and long-lasting surface protection are well suited to the demands of many industrial polishing applications, from the general polishing of plant and machinery to the more exacting industrial metal care requirements of injection moulding equipment.

Autosol’s precision-engineered polishing formula has already gained a reputation in the injection moulding industry for reliability and production cost-saving, due to reduced downtime of key machinery.


Autosol’s legendary reliability in the workshops and garages of Australia has found its way into the home, where the food-safe Autosol metal care range is ideal for polishing modern aluminium and stainless steel surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors.

In addition, Autosol’s extended surface care range will take care of your plastic and leather polishing requirements.