Cleaned Kitchen sink

HOW TO Polish a Kitchen Sink

When do I need to polish a kitchen sink?

Well, there are a few signs that will tell you when your sink is ready to get polished. 99% of metal kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel, that unfortunately, stains over time.

These are the signs you’ll be looking for

  • Water and chemicals marks: Its a staining that occurs to metal surfaces that are exposed to chemicals (i.e. detergent, bleach, etc), these marks are very noticeable.
  • Corrosion: Very common on stainless steel surfaces, it looks like liquid rust and tends to appear in old sinks.
  • Rust: This is the last sign you want to see, why?, rust occurs when a metal is neglected for months, it first shows up as corrosion, then it becomes rust when it goes into the surface. Don’t worry, this can be fixed.


Once you understood how an exhaust pipes corrodes, you can then decide what type of polishing process you’d like to do:

  • For Water and Chemical marks: You can either use Autosol Metal Polish or Autosol Metal Polish Liquid  to shine and protect the sink. 
  • For Corrosion and Rust: This is where things get complicated because the metal has been neglected for a while. But don’t worry, we can easily turn things around. If you have a buffing machine, it will come handy, otherwise you can do it by hand but might need some elbow grease. Use Autosol Metal Life Saver to get rid of any surface rust or corrosion, rinse off and then apply a polisher, it could be either Autosol Metal Polish or Autosol Metal Polish Liquid. Alternatively, you can get Autosol Metal Care Kit that has everything you need to polish a sink (Autosol Metal Life Saver, Autosol Metal Polish Liquid, Microfbire cloth, Scourer sponge and gloves).


NOW, it’s time to get your hands dirty:

1- Clean, wash, get all dirt off the sink. How? use hot water and detergent and let dry.
2- If you see signs of corrosion or rust, first apply Autosol Metal Life Saver and let it work for a minute or so.
3- Rinse off or clean with a wet cloth.
4- Apply the polisher, it could be either Autosol Metal Polish or Autosol Metal Polish Liquid 
5- Polish in circular motions with a soft cloth to achieve the desired shine.
6- You can repeat all of the above as many times as necessary.
7- Once you have polished the sink, regular maintenance will keep the surface is perfect condition.

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